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What are The Front Porch Plays?

The Front Porch Plays were created out of a desire to bring safe, socially-distanced, live theatre to communities.  This micro-theatre event includes 4 plays that are performed in 15 minutes and can be watched from the safety of your porch or yard.

Interested in producing The Front Porch Plays in your community?  


The Front Porch Plays are available, free of charge, to groups who wish to create safe, socially distanced live theatre in their communityYou will receive 8 monologues.  You choose the 4 that best suit your needs.  You will also receive instructions and advice for how to produce your own event.

Read more about The Front Porch Plays here.

Download the HOW TO guide for producing your own event.

What  people saying about The Front Porch Plays.

"This was such a gift. It was a reminder of the outside world, a way to enter another world, and a way to be (safely) in community."

"We would like to thank you so much for your efforts in providing a really special experience this past weekend! It was such fun, and really perfection! We continue to marvel at how the community comes together and shares their many gifts with others!"

"Well done! Well written! Well acted! This was such a treat! I hope you will write more! Many thanks."


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