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Lucy Mitchell wants to die a virgin martyr, but her mission is complicated when she falls in love with the boy who has been hired to dig her grave. A sweet little love story about death.


Commissioned by the Denver Center Theatre

Workshopped at the Perry Mansfield New Works Festival and the Great Plains Theatre Festival


Flexible cast 4 to 12 actors.



Feature story about the summer workshop of The Bone Orchard at the Denver Center Theatre on YouTube.

Feature article about the summer workshop of The Bone Orchard on

The Bone Orchard*

Great for
college actors.

The Light of the World*

In the window of a church is a small Confederate flag. When a violent incident in the community occurs, the presence of the flag is called into question forcing the congregation to choose between the past they elect to honor and the future they dare to envision.


3 women, 1 man


Workshopped at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival's Southern Writers' Festival

A Requiem for August Moon*

Simon is a Ph.D candidate who creates a mathematical algorithm for predicting a hit song. When he buys a box of tapes from Charlie, an indie rock enthusiast, he discovers the lost tapes of August Moon and a song he determines to be mathematically perfect. A Requiem for August Moon is a humorous look at the complicated relationship between art and science, success and failure, and the people we love.

2 men, 2 women

Workshopped at the Pioneer Theatre

* Professional world premiere rights available.  

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