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Everything That's Beautiful

Upcoming: Human Race Theatre/2022

When Luke and Jess decide to allow their 8 year old son Morgan to live as a girl, they relocate in order to give the family a clean start. But when an accident threatens to expose the secret about Morgan, tensions run high. Luke finally admits the real reason they moved, a confession that could potentially destroy their family. Faced with losing his child and his family, Luke must decide what’s worth fighting for.

World Premiere New Conservatory Theatre

3 men, 2 woman, 1 male/female

"The messy, confusing, unchartered journey of a family who are all in transition as one member moves from male to female is the focus of the world premiere of Everything’s That’s Beautiful, now in a stunning, heart-touching, and thoroughly captivating production by New Conservatory Theatre Center." Read more here.

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